I Am Not Nor Have I Ever Been A Member of the Democratic Party

One of my colleagues recently informed me that he was certain that I was a liberal-democrat. I found this idea very surprising and assured him that was not the case. But in hindsight, most of my friends and peers have come to this same conclusion over the past several years. My response to them was “You guys are just so far to the right that anybody to your left seems liberal.” I am not certain why people come to such a conclusion, but if I were to venture it a guess it would be my vocal disapproval of conservative attempts to enforce their values on the general public through legislation even when I share those same values. Nonetheless, I took the World’s Smallest Political Quiz today. It confirmed my position as a libertarian.


Economics at Work: Automakers Respond to Changing Consumer Demand

Nissan Motor Company plans to sell electric cars in the United States and Japan by 2010. Nissan is the first major automaker to put its reputation on the line by promising a time table for bringing the technology to market.  The electric cars are designed to be plugged into electric outlets at consumers homes.

While I welcome this technology, I am curious to see how much this shift in energy consumption will effect electric bills.  It will take years for the vehicles to have any real market saturation, but I suspect that when they do that we will see a spike in electricity bills.  And such a spike should help push the way for more alternative sources of power such as solar, wind, and nuclear.

Hat Tip to UCA Alumnae Christina Lecuyer

I was catching up on Golf Channel’s The Big Break:Kaanapali and took notice of a young female golfer by the name of Christina. Not only was she and excellent golfer, but she also looked very familiar. I didn’t catch her last name or any of her biography information, but I couldn’t help but wonder if she was the same Christina Lecuyer that played golf at the University of Central Arkansas. I knew the odds were slim and wrote it off as a coincidence.

The following night I saw a commercial on the Golf Channel that had a short clip of Christina. The resemblance was enough to inspire a Google search and low and behold it is the same young lady I met in academic writing during my freshman year at UCA.

So here is wishing Christina the best of luck on the show and her golf career (she already has talent by the bucket loads.) Go Bears!