Colbert Taking Over The Late Show

I grew up watching David Letterman.  His sense of humor and nightly Top Ten List always appealed to me.  Somewhere along the way I stopped watching late night programming, (probably a due to a futile attempt at more sleep.)   Then along came The Colbert Report, and I was hooked.  While I still cannot claim to have watched the show regularly.  I always wound up with more than one chuckle when I did.


Steven Colbert appears on The Late Show after then announcement is made.

I had a lot of mixed feelings when I read the headlines that Letterman was retiring and being replaced by Colbert.  One, Letterman stepping down is truly the end of an era.  He has been on late night television for as long as I can remember.  Two, I will miss the Steven’s character on The Colbert Report.   Lastly, (and most importantly,) I will never know how the 435ish part series of “Better Know a District” ends.