Facebook is Looking for a New CFO

The popular social networking company did not give an official reason for the departure of its previous CFO, Gideon Yu, but the speculation is that it is looking for an executive with strong a strong background working in public companies.  Essentially, they need a CFO to help them prepare to become a publically traded company.  Facebook is looking for more capital to fund its growth and ever expanding technical cost.

Here is the full story via the WSJ.

Americans Versus Germans: GM Edition

The state of the American auto industry is in quite a mess.  And while Americans are divided about if, how, or what our government should do to help revive it, Germans have an altogether different faith in their auto industry.  In fact, they trust their automakers to act as banks, and gladly keep their savings with the auto companies.

Here is the full story at WSJ.

Favorite Things DC

I just got home from my first trip to Washington DC and the trip lived up to my expectations:

Monument:  Lincoln Memorial

Building: The Library of Congress – Its elegance is second to none.  It was easily the most beautiful building I toured.

Smithsonian Museum:  National Gallery of Art –  I spent more time in this museum than any other.

Athlete:  Pete Sampras- The man who won 14 Tennis Grand Slams was born in DC.

All in all, my three days in DC weren’t even enough time to put a dent in the attractions the city has to offer.  I will be planning a return visit in the next couple of years.