Travel Notes: North Dakota

The Keith family recently made  our first trip to Bismarck, North Dakota to visit one of my sisters and her family.  I have a strong dislike of cold weather, so we were sure to time our trip accordingly.  It is a beautiful city with a “Big Sky.”  The economy is doing quite well.  But, I certainly missed the many beautiful trees we have here in the Natural State.  We had a very relaxing and enjoyable trip, and everybody we encountered was very friendly.

Here is a list of random facts, firsts, and enjoyable moments that came up during the trip:

Favorite Actor:  Josh Duhamel –  I know him most from the movie transformers.  I had no idea he was from North Dakota.  Also he is married to Fergie which is news to me.

Favorite Attraction:  Dakota Zoo.  It is much larger than I expected.

Favorite Athlete:  Carson Wentz

Favorite Bar:  Luft Rooftop Beer Garden.  This might be my favorite rooftop bar anywhere.  It sports a retractable rooftop and a very impressive view of the area.

Favorite Football Team:  NDSU Bison

Favorite Restaurant: J60.  We had a splendid time and even better food.

Favorite Exhibit: Dakota Zoo’s prairie dog exhibit.    We had a splendid time and even better food.

First Taste:  Duck Bacon courtesy of Avery’s AM Eatery.  I ate duck bacon for the first time, and I must say that it mostly taste like pig bacon.

The CAGA Tour Is Back

The Tour is back after a four year hiatus.  The Central Arkansas Golf Association Tour is known for traveling the far corners of Arkansas in search of the best golf courses to hack around on.  So far, there are only three members of the original group on the active roster.  However, I am still hopeful a few more familiar faces will return.

I have ceded my reign as commissioner to my teammate, Mike Morris, who I might add, has done an excellent job on rebuilding the official website and organizing a field of players.

Farewell to Memphis

Downtown Memphis has been my home for the past three years.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here.  There was never a shortage of entertainment right outside my Barborro Flats Door:

  • Memphis Grizzly Basketball Games
  • Memphis Red Bird Baseball Games
  • Beale Street
  • The Pinch District
  • Mud Island Park
  • South Main Arts District
  • The Local
  • The Majestic
  • The Memphis Zoo
  • Shelby Farms

Good times indeed!  Alas, it is time to head back to Central Arkansas.  Though I look forward to the upcoming chapters in my life, I will always look back at my time in Memphis as well spent.

My Favorite Things Memphis

Beale Street Bar:  BB King’s Blues Club.  Live music, great food and a great atmosphere.

BBQ Restaurant: Everytime I go to Memphis, I am treated to a new BBQ joint.  My hands down favorite is Rendezvous in downtown Memphis.

Attraction: Graceland, home of The King.

Sushi Joint: Ryu Sushi Bar.  This is conveniently located near one of the largest driving ranges I have ever been to.  The food and service is great to boot!

I have visited Memphis dozen’s of times over my life and I never seem to get bored of it.

Favorite Things DC

I just got home from my first trip to Washington DC and the trip lived up to my expectations:

Monument:  Lincoln Memorial

Building: The Library of Congress – Its elegance is second to none.  It was easily the most beautiful building I toured.

Smithsonian Museum:  National Gallery of Art –  I spent more time in this museum than any other.

Athlete:  Pete Sampras- The man who won 14 Tennis Grand Slams was born in DC.

All in all, my three days in DC weren’t even enough time to put a dent in the attractions the city has to offer.  I will be planning a return visit in the next couple of years.

Keith’s Travels: Ohio Edition

My employer, SFI, has recently chosen to send me to our Portsmouth, Ohio plant for 3 days a week. This is scheduled to last for 3-4 weeks. The journey is not too bad. I catch a flight out of Little Rock into Cincinnati, then it is a 2 hour drive from there. I have found the people of in the region to be most pleasant. One of the most fascinating things I have seen is the murals that are painted flood walls (which protect the city from the Ohio River.) Here are two of my favorites.

Portsmouth, OH floodwall mural: Chilcothe Street Portsmouth, OH floodwall mural: Portsmouth Spartans