RIP Pontiac

GM has made a great decision in discontinuing the Pontiac brand. I don’t have anything against Pontiacs, but GM desperately needs to shrink the number of automobiles it manufactures. This will not be the last GM brand that will be discontinued or sold.

My Favorite Things Memphis

Beale Street Bar:  BB King’s Blues Club.  Live music, great food and a great atmosphere.

BBQ Restaurant: Everytime I go to Memphis, I am treated to a new BBQ joint.  My hands down favorite is Rendezvous in downtown Memphis.

Attraction: Graceland, home of The King.

Sushi Joint: Ryu Sushi Bar.  This is conveniently located near one of the largest driving ranges I have ever been to.  The food and service is great to boot!

I have visited Memphis dozen’s of times over my life and I never seem to get bored of it.

Looking to Retire? Consider Detroit.

The average home in Detroit is selling for under $14,000.  Detroit’s decling population explains most of its real estate prices.  Detroit proper’s population is about 900,000.  During its hey-day in the 1950s, Detroit had a population greater than 1.8 million people.

It may be in he cities best interest to begin catering the growing retirement industry.  The shift would increase the service revenues (especially the medical industry) of the area and help offset its declining manufacturing industry.  It would be beneficial to retirees as well.  Detroit has a comparibly low cost of living.

Why Are Arkansans So Nuerotic?

A study by Peter J. Rentfrow, Samuel D. Gosling, and Jeff Potter concluded that Arkansas is one of the ten most nuerotic states in America.  The study is based on the Big Five Personality Test.

You can take the Big Five Test Here to see where you stand.  You can also see what states you have the most in common with by plugging in your scores here.

For the record my Neuroticism score is 32 and I have the most in common with people in Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.  Arkansas falls 21st on my list, which explains a lot of conversations I have with my friends and coworkers.

Google Does It Again: Introduces Autopilot

The hallmark product is designed to streamline the process of reading and responding to your email.  The intuitive software is based loosely off of Joseph Weizenbaum’s ELIZA.  It is capable of responding to your emails using the same writing styles as you do.  Google’s tagline for the product is “The easiest email could possibly be.”

Here is the full story at via GMAIL.

I am anxiously awaiting Google’s next application, autoblogger, which is expected to be released a year from now.