The Funniest Thing I Have Read Today

From the fake news site scrappleface.

The Democrat National Convention speaker line up will feature a number of “real people” talking about the pain of living in these tough economic times, including an Indiana railroader, a Michigan truck driver, and an ordinary working mother from New York who’s saddled with $24 million in campaign debt.

The woman, who spent that money in an effort to get a better job, saw her hopes and dreams crushed because of sex discrimination in the Democrat party during the Bush administration.

Her husband has no regular paycheck and must often travel hundreds of miles to find work, so the high price of fuel has cut deeply into their monthly budget.

While she has tried to “pull herself up by her own bootstraps” by asking supporters of presidential nominee Barack Obama to pay off her debt, near-recession conditions have kept them from being able to help.

Another Benefit to High Gas Prices: Less Traffic Fatalities

A study conducted by Michael Sivak of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute concluded that traffic fatalities had a strongly inverse relationship to gas prices during the past year.

Should the March and April 2008 trends continue, the 2008 annual fatalities would drop under 40,000 for the first time in 1961.

Traffic Fatalities Versus Gas Prices

Addendum: See my other two post about benefits of high gas prices here and here.

Immigration Reform: What Would Jesus Do?

A statement by Providence, Rhode Island, Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin:

“We often ask, ‘What would Jesus do?'” Tobin said in an interview Thursday. “I know for sure what Jesus would not do, would be to sweep into a community, gather up large numbers of people, separate them from one another and deport them to another country. In my own mind, in my own conscience, that’s crystal clear: Jesus would not do that.”

I couldn’t agree more with his statement. I am a strong advocate of immigration reform. America should open its borders to more immigrants, especially if they are highly skilled; it should also minimize efforts pursuing the deportation “illegal” immigrants who are otherwise productive, law-abiding members of society.