The CAGA Tour Is Back

The Tour is back after a four year hiatus.  The Central Arkansas Golf Association Tour is known for traveling the far corners of Arkansas in search of the best golf courses to hack around on.  So far, there are only three members of the original group on the active roster.  However, I am still hopeful a few more familiar faces will return.

I have ceded my reign as commissioner to my teammate, Mike Morris, who I might add, has done an excellent job on rebuilding the official website and organizing a field of players.

UCA Bears Football: Conque Calls It Quits

I am very sad to see him go.  We had a great 14 years under his leadership.  Some of my best collegiate memories involve Bears football (tailgates, victory parties, road-trips.)  They were great times.  I wish him continued success as he continues his career at as the head coach for Stephen F Austin, that is of course, unless he is coaching against my beloved Bears.

Thank you for the memories Coach Conque.

Clint Conque


The Economics of Living in a Walkable Neighborhood

A study conducted by CEOs for Cities suggest that neighborhoods that are accessible to amenities, services, and public transportation by foot, command higher housing prices than those that are not.  The website actually rates neighborhoods from a scale of 1-100 based on their walk-ability.

Conway has an average score of 43 and my apartment has a disapointing score of 5.  Meanwhile a friends apartment in Burbank, CA scores an impressive 75.

The Future of Conway

Conway Chamber of Commerce is  putting together its long range plan and would like your help prioritizing its goals for the next 15 years.  You can take the survey here.

Priorities on my list included:

  • Young Professionals
  • Sidewalks
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Beautification
  • Art & Culture

Hat Tip To Kris Allen

I am not a fan of the show and only saw him perform a few songs, but he defied the odds and became this year’s American Idol. I have never met him, but a few friends of mine that I take very seriously hold him in very high regard.

Good luck Kris.

Why Are Arkansans So Nuerotic?

A study by Peter J. Rentfrow, Samuel D. Gosling, and Jeff Potter concluded that Arkansas is one of the ten most nuerotic states in America.  The study is based on the Big Five Personality Test.

You can take the Big Five Test Here to see where you stand.  You can also see what states you have the most in common with by plugging in your scores here.

For the record my Neuroticism score is 32 and I have the most in common with people in Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.  Arkansas falls 21st on my list, which explains a lot of conversations I have with my friends and coworkers.

Hat Tip to Nathan Brown

It has been a true pleasure watching Nathan lead the Bear’s offensive unit over the past several years.  He has served as an excellent example of a top notch person. player, and leader.

Today, UCA announced that Nathan Brown has been invited to play in the Senior Bowl.  Brown is the first player in the history of the school to receive an invitation.

See the full story here at

The Economic Crisis Hits My Alma Mater


Conway – The University of Central Arkansas announced Thursday that it will be making significant budget cuts in the coming months to offset a budget deficit.

Speaking at a budget forum, UCA interim president Tom Courtway told the crowd the school will suffer from a cash flow deficit by the end of this year.

The university plans to implement, among other things, a salary freeze and cutbacks in travel and advertising, in order to erase the debt.

(Tom Courtway, Interim UCA President) “I don’t believe–quite candidly–that we’re going to wipe it out in six months. I think that’s an unrealistic expectation. But I do think over time we will eliminate it.”

Courtway says the university will draw on its $6 million credit line to finish out this year. He does not expect any layoffs.

Whatever your outlook on the economy, it is more likely that UCA’s budget problems are due mostly to the high-profile advertising campaigns and expansion efforts that the university has finance over the past five years.